Why Islam Prohibits Eat / Drink Blood?
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Why Islam Prohibits Eat / Drink Blood?

"He has only forbidden upon carrion, blood and pork and ( meat ) slaughtered animals with ( the name ) besides Allah. But those who are forced ( to eat ) is not due to want it and not ( also ) exceeds the limit, then there is no sin for him. Indeed, Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful"

( Surat al - Baqarah " . 173 )

Wisdom behind the prohibition of eating blood God has appeared during the 20th century. With blood flow brings vitamins, hormones, oxygen and substances such as proteins , sugars and fats, all adiserap during digestion into the cells, the blood flow necessary to sustain life. On the other hand, the blood also carries a variety of toxins and waste products that need to be removed from the body. One of the most important tasks performed blood is to transport substances such as urea, uric acid, keratin and carbon dioxide needs to be removed from the body.

Therefore, a significant amount of blood is consumed, the level of product in the body to be incurred will increase. It was going to increase the levels of urea, a harmless substance that is transported to the kidneys for disposal. Also, it can impair brain function and even lead to coma. Because it is always dangerous substances in the blood, even if taken from healthy animals though . And if it is taken from sick animals, various parasites and germs will also be transmitted in it. In that case, the bacteria can multiply and spread throughout the body. So, would pose a real danger. If a person consuming the blood, all the germs and waste products in it may spread throughout the body and cause diseases such as renal insufficiency or liver coma. In addition, most of the microbes carried in the blood can cause other diseases by damaging the lining of the stomach and intestines .

What's more, the blood is not a sterile environment, in other words, is ideal for germs to grow because the microbes have a great chance to give blood meal, it is an ideal environment for them. When in equilibrium with the other functions in the body fluids and the immune system, the blood does not support micro - organisms, because it is a disease. In healthy individuals, the micro - organisms living by utilizing each other in the body. When there is a part that is compromised, or damaged internal balance, they can turn into micro - organisms that cause disease .

For example, when the blood pH level ( acid and alkaline balance) is not balanced because of malnutrition or harmful chemicals, microbes are harmless can be dangerous and cause illness. If a healthy body, blood pH levels should be around 7.3 . Even small variations in levels that can cause the balance to be disrupted and cause micro - organisms become more dangerous in order to adapt to their environment. Sterile blood that can be compared with an almost stale milk when left outdoors. Microbes already present in the blood indicate harmful effects to adapt to their new environment

In addition, it is not suitable for use as a food produc. Levels of digestible protein such as albumin, globulin and fibrinogen low, only 8 grams in 100 ml. blood. The same goes for fat. In addition, the blood contains high levels of hemoglobin, a protein complex that is very difficult to digest and not acceptable to the stomach. When a blood clot, causing protein fibrinogen plates containing erythrocytes ( red blood cells ) and turn into fibrin. Fibrin is one of the most difficult protein to digest, thus making it more difficult to digest blood. Conclusion health experts agree that blood unfit for human consumption in any form.

"Forbidden to you ( take ) carrion, blood, pork and ( meat ) slaughtered animals instead of the ( name of ) Allah, the choking, the beaten, the fall , the headlong and beast except that which was torn, that had hamstrung you. And ( also forbidden ) are slaughtered for idols. And ( also forbidden ) gambled with the fate azlam ( arrows ) ( because ) it was a wicked act, on this day the disbelievers have been desperate to ( beat ) your religion, so do not fear them, but fear Me. This day have I perfected your religion for you, and I have both ends favor to you, and had I ridhai Islam as a religion. But whoever is forced by hunger not because they want to sin, then indeed Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful" . ( Surat al - Ma'ida , 3 )

Many people do not know the wisdom behind taking blood. Those who believe and trust in God, obey all his commandments and stay away from all prohibitions will enjoy life under the protection of God and the infinite mercy and being fortunate people in this world and in the hereafter.


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