Fasting, Eliminate 10 Liver Disease
18 September 2013 - dibaca : 1.811 kali

Fasting, Eliminate 10 Liver Disease

Fasting in the month of Ramadan can eliminate ten liver disease. With the loss of 10 of liver disease, then he will live comfortably with anyone, good people of other faiths and backgrounds.

It was raised entrepreneur, motivator, Ustaz Praise Hartono to ROL, on the sidelines of the Open Joint Reuters by Agent, Loper and Retailers newspaper Republika Representatives held Central Java / Yogyakarta.

According to Kang Praise (Praise Hartono close calls), 10 liver disease are: envy, jealousy, Hasat, greedy, restless, haughty, boastful, arrogant and riya '.

People without heart disease, he could position himself that anyone, should be how and what to do with proportion. Because heart disease is the loss of ten this is a provision of the month of Ramadan for the next 11 months to meet with the month of Ramadan again.

Furthermore, he said the holy month of Ramadan this month served. All of takmir mosque to serve offices prepare iftar meals.

'' God was also serving his servant. The proof, for anyone who reads the Qur'an, praying Taraweeh in Ramadan charity doubled,'' said Kang Praise.



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